Projects at Home

Take to the skies at home!

Kids- make sure to include your parents in on the fun!

Bottle Rockets

Launch rockets from your backyard using recycled plastic bottles!

How does it work?

  • The rocket is filled part way with water and placed upside-down on a pvc pipe fitting. 
  • Using a pump, air builds up within the bottle rocket and pressurizes the water filled container.
  • When the pressure becomes large enough, the pvc fitting will let go of the rocket, sending it flying high in the air. 
  • Similar to a real rocket, the high pressure air in the rocket will push the water out of the bottom at high speeds, thus creating momentum for the bottle rocket!

List of Supplies for Rocket:

  • 2x Two Liter soda bottles (or experiment with bottles of your choice!)
  • Card stock/cardboard/plastic sheets for fins
  • Hot glue or tape  


  • 3/4 in PVC pipe with end cap (see picture below)
  • plastic trash bag for parachute
  • string

List of Supplies for Launch Fixture


Meteorite Simulator

From Science Buddies

Astronomy Nights

Take the fun outside and look up at the night sky!

If you live in a populated area, try driving (with your parents) about 15 minutes out of town, the night sky will be a lot clearer without all the light pollution.

Fun tricks to try outside:

  • See how many constellations you can find and name.
  • How many stars can you name?
  • Do you see any planets?
  • Try looking at the night sky through binoculars!
  • Try looking at the night sky through a telescope!
  • Can you see any shooting stars?
  • Can you see any satellites? (Hint: they will be moving throughout the night sky, but they will not be blinking the way that a plane does)
  • Can you see the moon? If it’s a full moon, can you see the face? Or the rabbit?
  • Can you see the Milky Way Galaxy?

Rocket Kid Walk through the Solar System

Want to know how big the Solar System ACTUALLY is? Check out this link for the official Solar System Walk or follow the instructions in the image to your right and click on it!